Thursday, May 7, 2015

3 Looks for Kids Spring Fashion: Kids Clothes Week 2015

Hello Hello All!!!  I'm always late to the blog party lately, mainly because I just allow my kiddos and our adventures come first.  We're constantly checking off our seasonal bucket list so I blame that for my breaks between posts :-)  

Anyways!  I decided on a whim, last minute, to partake in Kids Clothes Week this spring!  I recently flipped out when I found that my favorite sewing book, A Sunny Spot, just put out the newest edition a couple of weeks ago.  I decided to freak out and immediately order it (and another little pattern book) from Amazon Japan. 
Amazon Japan is crazy fast.  Like, I ordered the book on a Tuesday afternoon and it arrived Wednesday morning!  And no I didn't pay some exorbitant amount of money on shipping.  In fact the books themselves were like $10!  That's way better than paying $30 per book and then waiting eagerly for almost two months!  It completely blew my mind!
So I had had had to make something from it immediately.
I made this apron dress pattern because it was Azy's favorite from the book!  It's just soooo pretty, especially in the vintage cross-stitch print cotton from my favorite store, the Knittin' Kitten.  I've been sitting on this fabric (and the shorts fabric) for over a year now, so it felt good to cut into them!
As always, the pattern went together so easily, and once again I learned something new along the way as well.  These books never disappoint, I tell you.  Another day I'll post the pics of the patterns in it for you all to see!
I also made a pair of Bermuda length Hosh shorts (pants pattern by Emmylou Bee Doo) with another vintage gem from the Knittin' Kitten.  I used yet another vintage fabric (gifted to me) in a pink gingham to make the wrong side of the fabric more interesting when you cuffed them.  There's also a drawstring front to make adjusting the fit for Azy easier.
Oh, and you know I had to add in some hidden waistband pockets!  I just got told the business by Sephira today because I didn't make her pockets in her Shirley Temple Kitty Cat Romper.  GAH MOM!
 And lastly, I made a simple Celestial Tee (pattern by Figgy's) after seeing Mie from Sewing Like Mad make an irresistible stack of them for her little girls!
And so, yeah!  Now I will spam you with the rest of the pics from the outing that day!  It was so much fun frolicking in the garden with Azriella!!!  
Happy Spring, friends!

Hugs and Stitches,

Monday, April 20, 2015

30 days of Shirley Temple! Modern Romper for the Kawaii Kid

Morning all!  Today I'm sharing the outfit I made for my little sugarplum for Max-California's 30 days of Shirley Temple

So I love classic looks with a wacky modern twist. That's my thing, that's my go to combo.  So for me I had to think of a way to make this idea of Shirley Temple work with my personal aesthetic in which wouldn't involve 100+ yards of gathering fabric for a pettiskirt.  I mean, I love the look of them on my kiddos but the time intensiveness of making one at the moment was a bit overwhelming!  I thought then about what other things I love on pics of child fashion from yesteryear that you don't see so everyday.  And I love Korean kids fashion.  I mean, I'm a bit obsessed.

I took a romper pattern that I used previously, modified the face a bit, and added a pleated top skirt to the look.
Right before the photoshoot I decided to make a kerchief for her to wear!  ^_^
I wanted to give the pictures an old magazine or storybook feel!

All in all I think it turned out pretty darn cute!  Thanks Max for having me!  
 My little garden gnome!
Hugs and Stitches and many many smooches,

Here's a couple gag pics for your amusement!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Handmade Octonauts Inspired Easter 2015!

  I don't know about your kidlings, but as of recent, mine have become quite taken with Octonauts!  The show is basically kawaii aquatic adventurers who go around saving the sea creatures that fall into peril around them!
   Of them, Azriella quickly requested to be Tweak the Bunny and shortly afterwards Sephira chimed in that she wanted to be the "pink Vegimal" which she later learned was named "Codish".  I decided that since Azriella was a bunny, that the little carrot Vegimal, named "Barrot" would be perfect for her! 
 The Vegimals get their names from, you guessed it, vegetables crossed with animals, more specifically varying fish varietals.  I started getting really excited about getting started on these outfits!
I knew I wanted to incorporate vinyl.  I get really excited pushing myself to try things I haven't seen done before or at least things I have tried before and I thought a slight waterproof look would be a nod the underwater inspirations.  I had to change up a couple of my ideas as I had originally intended to do full vinyl covered Kona cottons, but that proved to be not only impractical but did not hone the consistent results that I was trying to achieve.  So I improvised by fusing the bottoms of the outfits with a light, contrast colored blue broadcloth fabric for each kiddo so that it had a element that tied the outfits together.  The blue hems on them all make me think of them as the waves of the ocean!
The dresses and outfits were, for the most part, all self drafted, with the exception of the two toned blue Hosh pants pattern that Akira is wearing. I'm super into Korean kids fashion these days and so I have been all about cuffed pants for kids and babes!  This will not the be last set of cuffs you see from me this year!  
I wanted to make halter looks for the Vegimal girls with their straps resembling the green bits of their respective character, and I just had to give them sweet little faces!  I originally wasn't planning on Akira wearing an undershirt but after weeks of summer-like weather here in the Northwest, a rainy cold front moved through Easter weekend. -_-  Soon, hopefully, I'll be able to let her wear her new little belly exposing baby crop top the way I had intended!
Azriella's dress I wanted to be a little more classic so that she could wear it for a while, not that having something wacky and fun to wear has ever stopped her!  I love that about her!  She also required a tiny wrench made for her dress.
 The stiff finish of Sephira's dress makes me legit, s w o o n.  It's funny: that's the dress that probably gave me the most trouble and it turned out, secretly my favorite.  I don't know.  I can't really pick a favorite!  I love them all so much!
 I had originally made Azriella's dress do be completely covered in vinyl but after a pregame Easter Egg hunt the day before Easter, I decided that it looked crap and decided to rip the skirt out, buy new fabric, and make a new bottom!

So yeah!  Easter 2015!
Also hidden in the yard for the older girls were giant eggs filled with small eggs that had Shopkins inside!
Derp Akira!
  Not as many pockets as usually (the girls do have them though) but still pretty adorable if you ask me!
 Stay tuned soon because I'm cooking up a little Shirley Temple inspired outfit (with the extra "sew chibi" panache you would expect!) for my bloggy bestie, Max-California's April series which focuses on a month of the little starlet's fashion style! Yay!
Until then!
 Hugs and Stitches and many many smooches,

let others know!

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