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SEW GEEKY: TANK GiRL! She's just the girl you want! + Union St Tee Giveaway!

Ready guys?!!!
"Feelin' a little inadequate?"
So who here is a former angsty teenager from the 90s?  I was!  I was the only kid in school wearing patent leather pants in every color and donning a choker necklace made out of safety pins and I listened to punk and ska music and loved every minute of it!  The grown up Kat loves those things still, but I've evolved since then.  But ain't nostalgia grand!  Well, TANK GiRL is like a time capsule for me of my high school days (even though TANK GiRL came out just before I started high school).
Lori Petty plays Tank Girl, Rebecca Buck, in a Post Apocalyptic world in which a comet struck the Earth 100 years ago, ridding the world of virtually all of it's water.  The movie is based of of the comic book by the same name!  It's basically the story of the quintessential badass.  
 Rebecca is feisty, lovable, raunchy, hilarious, brave... the full package, folks.  She is on a quest to bring down the Man in this which is Water & Power. 
So the thing about Tank Girl is that she's a bad girl.  She smokes, she loves guns and ahem her tank and she dresses far on the risque side of things.  Being that I'm a mom and am not into any of those things, I made my look and accessories more of a Tank Girl: the Mom.
inspired by this pic
 I traded a bubble gun for a toy gun; lollipops for cigarettes and I portrayed her as a fun-loving mom who brerastfeeds and care for her young no matter what the case is!
Let's talk about my outfit!  Handmades first!
  • cropped iconic white t-shirt with the red and blue target. 
  • color-blocked sleeveless mini Lady Skater Dress
  • red biker shorts
  • diy candy necklace
  • braided scraps accessories,
  • Trapper Hat with handmade patches
  • face mask
  • colorful zip up corset
Akira's outfit was made by Amanda of Kitschy Coo as a baby shower gift!

The whole outfit started with the target shirt and quickly I knew I wanted to make a mini Lady Skater.  The target shirt I used the latest Union St Pattern by Hey June Patterns and I hacked it up a lot. First I made an iron on transfer of the target. Also, I widen the neckline quite a bit, I cropped-top the pattern, and I did something I think is interesting but perfect for this look: shredded binding.
 How can you do a shredded binding?  Well, basically I folded the binding in half longwise, sewed it WST along the neck edge,then I folded that over the front.  Then I used a wide twin needle and topstitched and then I used tiny scissors to slice down the middle of the binding between the topstitching (being careful to only cut the top layer; not all the way through) and the parts on the outside that are at above and below the topstitching lines.  Why would I do this instead of just leaving the edges raw?  Because since I widened the neck, I wanted to ensure that it wouldn't over stretch and become misshapened. I liked the look so much I went on to do it for the sleeve openings and the hem.  It is time consuming, but I think it's worth it!
The mini Lady Skater by Kitschy Coo was key.  I know I'll love it even more when I drop a few pounds! But I didn't do too much editing to this one other than, once again, widening the neckline and then making it sleeveless.  I meant to write "Charlie Don't Surf" in red across the front but I ran out of time!
The little red biker shorts are self drafted and straight-forward.  I safety-pinned the to some trouser socks that I ripped up to make it look like garters.  Ha!  I actually love it!!!  High school Kat is all "why didn't I think of that?
  The candy necklace was made from other candy necklaces but restrung on elastic thread and put into color order.  And I knotted and braided a bunch of rejects from my big ol bag of bias scraps.

The Trapper Hat I made using See Kate Sew's free pattern and tutorial.  It fits but it's a bit snug.  I'm sure the girls will be happy to acquire what doesn't fit me.  Azy was going around gathering my elements as I took them off so she could dress up as Tank Girl.  It was -so- cute!  I made the patches too.  One I made by cutting a circular piece of vinyl and then satin-stitching with a 9mm stitch width a big red "X" and the other patch I made by printing out some artwork I made with PS and then applied it to white canvas so I could stitch it on.  The little pin on my hat says "Sew Geeky!"
The face mask... I love my face mask.  Face masks and eye patches are two things I want to bring into fashion more.  Eye patches are so cool looking, especially when you think of all the different fabrics and embellishments you could do.  And face masks not only look neat, but are sooo good for hygiene!  Imagine how many illnesses we could save our school-aged children from if we made them wear sick/face masks when they are under the weather?!  Mine, is merely for keeping the desert sands that Tank Girl is faced with every day out of her face.
The corset!  The corset was a last minute addition as I couldn't deal with how the outfit looked with my rolly body.  It's cool, I'm working on that ;-)  I used some leftover fabric from Sephira's birthday dress last year, made some bias tape, and followed the directions in this pattern/tutorial (substituting a sturdy separating zip for a busk).  I did have to size up the pattern but I may have sized it up a bit too much.  It's fitted but not cinched so that I can barely breath and oddly enough that makes me a little sad!
Other not handmade elements I love include the arrow and toy knife in my hair (just like Tank Girl with her helmet), the Garbage Pail Kids keychain on my boots, the pink bear hanging from my teeny bubble gun (just like Tank Girl), and um, Akira.  But I suppose that last one is technically handmade!  I didn't plan on her being in the pictures but since we were allllllll the way out in the Painted Hills and Jon was taking my pictures, someone had to hold her!  And I loved where it took the photoshoot: to a more Tank Girl the Mom look.
favorite pic of the whole shoot guys! inspired by this pic 
 I tried to play around with goofy animals like she does in the movie and really tried to make my makeup look just like Lori Petty's.
If you haven't seen Tank Girl, it's a really fun movie albeit one that's not for the kids under 14 to watch in my honest opinion.
 SO MUCH FUN GUYS!!  I am so gung ho about anything steampunk/post-apocalyptic in fashion as is my co-heart Max.  It really is one of the things that makes us gravitate to one another!  SPEAKING OF WHICH YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE WHAT THE OTHERS MADE!!!  

Our special guests this month include Kelley from Casa Crafty

 and Betty from Betty Again!  Betty is a fairly new blogger but she comes from good blood:  she's Max's real life sister!
All three of those lady SERIOUSLY knocked it out of the park on their Tank Girl looks!  Unbelievable!
Go check them out!

And lastly, A Giveaway!
I'm giving away one PDF pattern of the latest must haves, the Union St. Tee by Adrianna of Crafterhours and Hey June Patterns!  We'll announce the winner on our Sew Geeky Facebook Page on July 3rd, so be sure you follow us to find out if you won!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
As always, if you want to sew along or show us whatcha got, please email us at sewgeekyseries{at}gmail{dot}com or post to our Facebook page!  You can get all the info here!
 Next month is shaping up to be a super fun one too!  Theme will be announce on the 1st of July!  And mark your calenders for the 25th to see what's up with Sew Geeky every month!  We promise it'll be a good time!
Till next time!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Union Street Tee Blog Tour for Hey June!

What's one thing every girl has, no matter what her tastes, age, size, or appearance:
a favorite t-shirt.
I have had many, many, many favorite t-shirts over the years and I have outgrown far more of them than I care to admit.  My three little chibis sure are cute, but man oh man have they transformed this ol' bag of flesh and bones!  
Some for the good, 
and some for the not so good, but I'm not fool enough to give you too much of a close up on that one!
 My favorite tees of the past were very fitted... These days, I need a slightly looser, relaxed fit to cover my muffin top (which I am trying to fix.  help me! I've never exercised before and now I have to start!).  I've been trying to reduce the "excess" by planking and doing other random tummy muscle firming exercise, but it's gonna be a long road ahead.
So, it looks like I'll be cranking out an assembly line of these Union St. Tees.  What's even better about this pattern is that it really flatters all body types!  Svelte to buxom, it looks like a dream on them all. 
These critters are all totally worth the overhaul my body has been through over the past 7 years and I proudly don my stretch marks, only I don't call them that.  I once heard an amazing way a doting husband described them: he called them his wife's tiger stripes because she was the mamma tiger and she earnestly shows her stripes.  So that I am fine with.  Why is there something cuter than calling my new love handles "muffin top"?  Seriously, folks!
 Anyways you may think that this is "just a t-shirt pattern" but I guarantee after you sew it you will be singing a different tune.  I mega heart eyes love this pattern.  And while I may not be as cool as this or as badass as this when I dress for myself, I still feel damn pretty in my new Union St. Tee and I can't wait to wear it again!  Go get your pattern right now!!!
Thanks so much Adriana for having us on your Tour! 
And why am I bringing that up in this post?  Because I used the Union St. Tee as part of my outfit!  You'll just have to stop by my little blog corner again tomorrow to see for yourself!  It's probably the silliest and at the same time raddest theme we've had yet!  Just you wait guys!!!!

Until tomorrow!
P.S.) Do you recognize Azriella's tunic in the pictures above?  Not only was it a fluke that she happened to be wearing it, but it also happens to follow the same color scheme!  TOTALLY NOT PART OF THE PLAN, GUYS!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Azy's Retrogalactic Soleil Dress + GIVEAWAY

Happy Morning, everyone!
Today I am pleased to be one of the stops on the "Soleil Dress" tour (affiliate link)  by Lauren Dahl of Baste + Gather, who happens to know AND teaches an online course on how to completely make and digitize your own PDF patterns from scratch.  Pretty impressive stuff there!!
This pattern is beautifully illustrated and really easy to put together! It comes in sizes 12m - 12, and there's the option for both an open and closed-back.
My little Azriella, in all her chibi-ness, is quite petite for her age.  She's grown remarkably in the last year and her width-wise measurements finally have her in the 3-4T range. hahahaha.  She'll be turning 7 in September!  So what I did was cut the bodice pattern out to a size 4 (based on her chest measurements) and then cut the skirt out to the 6x dimensions since she is just a tad under that in the height range.  
The fit of the bodice hit her right at the waist (which is great considering I thought I might have needed to add a bit of length to the bodice.)

Here's the funny part:  when I was cutting out the pieces of my fabric, I realized that my skirt pieces were going to have to be about 2" shorter in length because I was just shy of that from my fabric!  I refrained from panicking and just went with it, hoping it would work out in the end.
And it did!
The finished dress fits her perfectly (to me, anyways). 
And homegirl needs more summer clothes, especially dresses.  She is sprouting up so fast I can hardly keep up with making her wardrobe!  And those who know me know that I buy about 3% of my kids clothes throughout the year.  The majority of their wearables are hand me downs, or made by mamma, or combination of the two.  Or, they are just plain new things I've made them.  I love having my unique girls in one of a kind garments that mamma made to match their personalities!
This summer dress is soooooo airy and fun!  I require all things to have pockets and was so pleased to not have to draft some in like I always do!  Thanks Lauren!
Speaking of unique things, I named this dress Retrogalactic because I thought it was a clever way to reference the fabric.  I got this fabric from this darling little local vintage fabric shop from my husband and kiddos (who picked it out along with some other things) as my mother's day gift!  We like to set a $10 limit for the holiday so that we really have to get creative with the thoughtfulness of our gifts (me for father's day; him for mother's day).  Last year we started the tradition and I l o v e d it!!  Only, last year I got him a cat from the adoption center so this year I don't know what I am going to do!
But back to the fabric.
It's this vintage, space inspired cotton/poly knit blend that I think is the cat's pajamas when it comes to fabric finds!  So, retrogalactic was born!  Start using it, folks.  Let's make it a thing!
I can not believe my Azriella is going to be a 7 year old in a few months!!  This face still holds soooooo much power over me!  Her eyelashes are so thick and long and full... girlfriend is never going to need mascara.  WHY COULDN'T I HAVE THOSE LASHES?!  And then there's her dimples, dimples for days this girl has!  Sigh!  I just want her to stay little forever, but I have not found a serum to make that happen yet!  So, shy of getting all Fujimoto on her, I am just enjoying watching her flourish and grow and it invokes so many feels in me.  She was a life changer for me and is my best friend.  
I couldn't ask for more in a kid.
Well, before I get completely maple tree on you (get it? sorry; not sorry) I'd like to thank Lauren for having me on her tour!  This dress is going to be getting a LOT of wear this summer!  She absolutely loves it!  Thank you!
If you want to purchase this PDF pattern click on the button below (affiliate link).
Not only does she have this one, but she has editable knit blocks for making your own patterns there too!  Out of this world.  So cool.  She shows you how to adapt them and anything else you please in her Pattern Workshop online class too!  So much to check out there!  So what are you waiting for?  Go pop on over and nab a pattern or two!
Want to win a pattern?
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to see more?  Check out the instagram hashtag: #soleildress
  And be sure to check out all the other stops on this oh so summery tour! 
Until next time!

let others know!

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