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Sew Geeky Marvel vs DC Episode!

Good morning to you!  ^_^
It’s the 25th again so guess what that means?  It’s time for Sew Geeky’s newest episode!
photo courtesy of max california
And in honor of my bestie, we thought it would only be fitting to do a comics theme!  Why?  Because August is her birthday month!  So go over and send her some early birthday love!!!  We should definitely celebrate because she brings so much awesome to the world, it’s not even funny. … Well, it is funny sometimes!  She makes me laugh till I cry a lot of the times!
Enough about my sappy love story!  Let’s talk SUPERHEROES!  We have –so- many fantastic bloggers joining in with us this month! 
New bloggers alongside veteran bloggers and a repeat guest!  You may see that a lot in the next couple months because the themes are FUN with all those caps intended ;-)
 We didn’t want to do just Superheroes.  We wanted to spice it up a bit, so we did a Marvel vs Detective Comics (aka DC) theme!  So I decided to go with a hero vs villain approach for my outfits.  
 I give you retro Catwoman and chibi Loki!
favorite pic, guys
 Now I intended to “take it easy” this month with the theme but it turned out to be just as much stuff as usual.  Can’t be helped, I suppose.  
 Immediately I knew Sephira had to be Loki.  I love Loki.  Well, confession time, I love Tom Hiddleton who plays Loki.  And my darling little 3 year old is super mischievous just like him.  Her face could also charm the pants off of almost anyone as well so in a way, she is exactly a female chibi Loki.
 For her outfit I wanted to go minimalistic.  I used a pattern from this book and altered it to make it a crop top.  
  Then I had to figure out how to recreate the armor that he wears.  Well.  In the past, I have dabbled with iron on transfers, both for white shirts and for colors since they require different types of transfers. What I noticed about the ones for white shirts is that the blank area around the image to be printed is that it comes out just a slightly darker, but glossy version of the fabric underneath.  So.  I had one of those epiphanies we all have when we are creating and get struck with a bout of genius:  What if I cut them in to strips, without anything printed on them, and then iron them on in a strategic way to mimic Loki’s armor?  It totally worked!  Some of the edges are rough looking which I like because it looks like his armor when he’s fighting.  I appliqued the gold band around the neckline and then some silver squares near the waist. 

 I was really digging doing textural elements for her outfit so instead of a plain ol broadcloth or satin cape, I went with a plain ol faux suede one… suede just makes everything seem fancy am I right?!   
The head band I bought in gold then found an identical match of satin in gold to make the horns.  A few weeks ago the girls broke a plastic headband in half and before I could get them to throw it away, I stashed it away for these horns.  I used them to help stabilize the horns’ shape, along with stuffing them with poly batting.  Then I hand stitched them on.  Hand stitching is not my forte’ but I don’t care; I love the way they turned out and Sephira thinks they are awesome.
  Now her pants.  Oh man, there is very little out in the world that I love more than little bitty girls in pleather pants (well, fashion-wise anyway).  Sephira in pleather pants speaks once again to 15 year old Kat who lived in pleather pants in high school.  A long time ago, I made a pair of spandex diamond pintucked Hosh pants for Sephira and they were –the- favorite pants in the household until she grew out of them.  Sad. But along came Loki and his brilliant pleather pants and well, we are a happy bunch again!   

I added some intersecting tucks near the knees, using once again the Hosh pants pattern.  They are perfection to me.  The snakeskin texture really speaks to Loki’s slyness I think. The whole outfit really came together well and they are definitely wearable and not too costumey.  Will she wear the horn headband and cape out regularly?  You bet your socks she will!

Catwoman.  It took us a while to decide on a DC “hero” to do…  And while she is more of an anti-villian, I’m counting that a “hero”.  

Azy picked out purple and green Catwoman out of a random list of various DC heroes.  My original plan was to do something from this Japanese pattern book.  
  BUT!  I am a part of the Azur Swimsuit (coming soon from Petit Threads) testing group and it clicked!  Catwoman frequently wears leotards… why not kill two birds with one stone and make a Catwoman swimsuit! 
   The coolest thing about the swimsuit, besides the fact that it’s adorable is that it’s reversible! 
   So I did the color blocked version even though I only did one color (besides the one green bit on each side in the back) because those seams make it look so rad. 

 I think it’s so dreamy on her!!!  I thought I’d like the purple side the most but I’m really partial to the black side on her!  I really like the way it makes her features pop!
  To complete the look I made some vinyl knee high slipper boots, a “swim cape”, 
we found this amazing mechanical claw that fits over two fingers and moves with your fingers!  It was so cool!
and two different swim Catwoman mask caps. 
 It’s not going to keep her hair from getting wet but it would probably keep her hair out of the way!  And she just recently learned how to hold her breath underwater!  
 She sorta looks like a luchador with the mask sometimes, ha!
She is growing up so fast these days.  I can hardly believe how grown up she looks!  I have so many conflicting feels about that!  I mean to me she’s gorgeous; but I want her to stay little forever!  WAH!  
 Now I know what you are thinking:  Catwoman and Loki don’t use swords, especially bokkens (that’s Japanese wooden training swords). 
But hey, I couldn’t crank out a scepter in time for Sephira and Azy, well, I didn’t think a whip of 9 tails was appropriate for a 6 year old. 
And can you blame me?  They just got these in from their uncle as birthday presents and they are having a BLAST with them!  I mean these fight scenes slay me!  
Sephira kept running back and forth yelling WOOSH and when she fought with her sword she would go “PEW PEW PEW.”

   It was hysterical! 
At one point they decided to kill some ants much to the dismay of their father.  
Speaking of which let’s look at some adorable outtakes shall we! 
We have the little curly toes one:
 The endearing ones: 
The one where dad thought there was a chance of him not being in the picture but it ends up looking like he just thinks Sephira is crazy.
 And then there are the ones where one of the girls looks fabulous with epic lighting and the other one is pulling a full on derp face!  
 And let’s have a moment to appreciate that wall, huh?!   

I was on a hunt to find a cool place to take pics in Portland and I was really worried because it was a gorgeous cloudless sky the day we took pictures.  Those who know, know that is a pretty rubbish combination for pictures unless you work it to your advantage or you find some perfect shade.  Well, this little wall had it all!  It’s a rotating mural wall in the Southeast and it’s next to some awesome food trucks as well!
So I think that’s that for me!

 Now you guys, we love when you sew along with us.  It really makes our day!  We have made it much easier for you to do that with our LINKY PARTY for every theme up on the SEW GEEKYBLOG!!!!  If you have ever made anything or want to, go ahead and show us and the world by adding it to the group!
So between today and tomorrow there will be a lot of Sew Geeky Marvel vs DC greatness that is going to blow you away!  We span the globe with sew- alongers and what they all did is nothing short of spectacular!
Here’s a few teaser pics of what they are up to and click on the corresponding number below to go to their blogs and check out their posts!
And there you have it folks!  I sure hope you enjoyed this post and I really hope you like all the stuff we made! 

Until then!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Guest Posting at Rae Gun Ramblings for Harry Potter!

Hello my lovelies!  I'm over at Rae Gun Ramblings for her Happy Harry Potter series today!  I hope to catch you "slytherin" over there to check out my chibi Bellatrix LeStrange!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shorts on the Line: Harlequin Sarousel shorts with Button on Kitty!

It's time for SHORTS ON THE LINE!!!
My three year old is completely obsessed with shorts.  
She tries to wear more than one pair sometimes!  It's so hot here it's high necessity to be in shorts at all times!  
I went through a lot of ideas.
I wanted them to be super cute AND super simple without being something that I've seen a lot of (or ever!)
 I am always inspired by e-annika shop and pin almost everything they make!  Seriously, it's like my exact taste!
They have a propensity of putting animals and animal faces on things just because.
I am also a sucker for all things harlequin.  I just love the idea of taking two great things and rather than choosing between them, just sew'em together!
 My little Sephira seems to really like them!
I drafted the pattern myself as there aren't any sarousel  patterns out there with a seam up the middle instead of the sides.  But to create the look I wanted I needed the side seams to be uninterrupted and the front to be separated.
I decided to make a wide waistband with wide elastic.  
The kitty cat face buttons on at the eyes and is soooo soft!
They are just so damn fun on her!  
 I tried to find this chartreuse Doli tank I made a year ago, but after about an hour of looking I gave up and decided to make something instead.
 I went with a pattern I've had for a while but never sewn:  the Banyan girl's shirt pattern by Figgy's.  I had made it in the 2/3T size as it was her measurements plus a little extra wiggle room.  But I don't know what happened with the neck because her head would not fit through!  
 Time was a crunchin' because we made plans to go hiking at the waterfalls and I wanted to take pictures in the morning so instead of being a good girl and ripping the seam out, I just cut carefully right beneath the stitch line and made a new binding piece a little longer and it fit just perfectly over her head with no trouble! 
And we both love it too!
I even [sorta] managed to get a family shot of Jon and the girls, because Sephira refused to be away more than two feet for two seconds at a time from daddy.  
I'd love to give big shout outs to Rachael and Carla for asking me to be a part of the tour!!!  I love the brainstorming process so much!  Thank you!!!
This post is part of the Shorts on the Line sewalong.  Shorts on the Line 2014 is sponsored by: Britex FabricsHawthorne Threadsmiss matatabi, and Soak Wash.  Hosted by imagine gnatssmall + friendly, and Kollabora.

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