Sephira's Easter lamb suit (complete with puns)


Well, I hope you enjoyed my lamb puns!  If you would like to have a tutorial on you own hooded romper, I will have a tutorial coming later this week!  I throw in some tips if you are planning to ruffle your own too!  Stay tuned!!

7 awesome sauce comments:

  1. This is adorable!!!! She is so cute!! I'm going to feature this on Sunday!

  2. Oh she looks so soft and cuddly! It's adorable.

  3. ОООО!!!! Это так нежно и красиво!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. lol the puns had me in stitches! So funny! AND SO CUTE

  5. tooo cute for diction! I wish I'd 'met' you earlier, mine are too big for this suit.... then again there's a few years breeding in me yet! ;-0


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