Halloween, Thanksgiving, and in between :-)

Halloween with Jon and the kids and my mother in law too
Thanksgiving spread.  Thank you Jon!!! (he's the chef ;-)
Messy Sephira face
 Sephira had gotton two boo-boos in two days!?!  Awful, awful, awful, but she's healing up really well.  As you can see she's perfectly fine.  She also starting giving kisses and sorta talking in the same week so that evened things out ;-)

Quick new t-shirt I made

My Halloween skirt.  High waist, tucks, lace, gathers, and cameos. I'm super proud of this one!!!  Isn't it cute next to Azy's?!
Close up of the cameos and features.  I had lots of fun making those tucks and spiderwebs and little witch portraits!

The whole ensemble.  Disregard the mess and sewing machine on the dining room table... I had moved camp there so I wasn't isolated in the sewing room.  And this was AFTER I took my hair down and Trick or Treating so don't hate too much. 
 What do you think of my shirt?!  I'm pretty proud of how it came out.  The tiny bias ruffles are my favorite part of the shirt... Well that and the ruffled collar ;-)
Goof reel.  Kids wearing each other's stuff.

Fujimoto and Ponyo trick or treating.  That damn coat took FOREVER!!!!

Couple of silly witches.  I think my favorite Halloween picture of allll the pictures is the one of Azriella's legs in those tights I made on top of my legs while watching Donnie Darko (a Halloween movie tradition).

Trick or treating at the zoo proved to be very wet.  I had dressed Sephira in her soot sprite back up costume with a long sleeved black shirt and leggings that I whipped up before we left.  That picture on the left makes me look thin ;-) hahaha

3 awesome sauce comments:

  1. You're incredible. I love how detailed everything you do is! You're such an inspiration for me!

  2. LOVE!! Your Halloween outfits are amazing!! Love your shirts and your skirts and the jacket and the family pictures.

  3. I just found your blog via pr&p (where I voted for you btw :-)). I say 'just found' - actually I found it 5 hours ago and have been reading ever since! Your designs are just AWESOME, I have never seen anything like it. Just CRAZY good. I am DESPERATE for one of the Halloween skirts, or a deck the dress for myself....too bad I'm 31 and the shop caters for small people only!


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