Shades of Me Blog Tour! A Mommie and Me Look!

Good Morning lovelies!
Wondering what's up with the orange? Well today I'm on the Shades of Me blog Tour by Celina of Petit a Petit + family and Haley of Welcome to the Mouse House.

I had to choose orange.  
Even if this was an adult sew along blog tour, I knew I had to make a mini me look for my princess.  Azriella's favorite color (for almost a year now!) is orange.  No lie; she proudly proclaims it if you ask her.  I am a teal lover all my life but anything brightly colored I'm a sucker for.  So as any good mother would do, I chose to make her happy since I'm an orange fan too.  
I don't ever really think of colors that look "good" on me per sa.  I love them all so much that that would never work for me.  I've always been one that likes to make your eyes explode with fun colors despite everyone else that is more sensible.  I just can't help myself ^_^!!!
Reading this neato book: the Steampunk Alphabet, at Powell Books.
So let's be honest folks, I'm not in the best shape for "me" sewing.  Being 35 weeks pregnant isn't exactly a look that gets you cat-calls hahaha.  I originally had this super cool sweatshirt tunic that I was making that was going to feature a handmade two way zipper on an asymmetrical angle, pockets and a bitchin' asymmetrical drawstring cowl....
Making the two way zipper: yeay, success!
Pulling the (what I thought was super roomy) shirt over my belly: epic. fail.  Azriella kept saying "Mommie, your belly's too big."  Yeah, kid, I get it.
But, that two way zipper is gonna be awesome for nursing once chibi number 3 comes along when the shirt will actually fit me.  I can picture it now...
I promise to post on it so you all can see!
So with that kind of EEPPP! moment, I started panicking.  I had to find something that would fit my "curvy" frame, be something I would actually wear, and utilize accessible fabric, since it was way too late to order more fabric for a top.  
name the two anime tattoos for extra points.  yes, the bottom one is a work in progress still ;-)
I scoured Pinterest for something that met my criteria, but came up zilch.  So I turned to my Japanese sewing books because, awesomesauce that they are, there's always a mommie version of one or two of the patterns in the books!  So I grabbed this one from this book and modified the back.
I used the same fabric (plus some elastic) that I used for the underlining and the leggings (from Girl Charlie) and the lace is from Joann's.  I used an electric orange broadcloth for the pocket linings.

For Azriella's shirt I used a pattern from the Pochee Pattern book, altering it to add pockets to the sides.  Pocket all things!  Always!

I think it's feasible as a cute shirt, no?  It'll be great for spring!  And those leggings are sure to get a LOT of use.  They practically glow in the dark and are so soft!!!   I have to admit: for a girl who prides herself on anti-matchy, this was a lot of fun to put together!!!

We took pictures at Powell books (same as some of yesterday's pics) because the weather has been wet and windy... neither of which are good for pictures.  We all had a blast!  We can't wait to go back!
Even though this outing was mainly for the "orange" photoshoot, I still have some kick-ass outtakes because of my little creepy Valentine (she fell asleep in the car before I could fix her hair) photobombing Azy and me the whole time.

Bitch-face Kat dictating how the shots are coming along!  So nerve-wracking having hubby take them and not myself!

Whoops! Let's not forget matching handmade mary janes! (secretly her jeans are a pair of shiny denim Hosh pants I made for Thanksgiving ;-)

One more thing:
Celina and Haley are hosting a crazy fantastic giveaway on their blogs tooClick here to find out more and enter!

And check out more fabulous color fun by seeing what everyone else on the tour is doing!

Thanks for having me on your wonderful tour, ladies!!!
And thank you all for stopping by and checking out what I did!

18 awesome sauce comments:

  1. You look stunning! Wow, how exciting I had no idea you were pregnant, congratulations!! I'm 29 weeks at the moment, so just a little behind you :)
    I can't wait to see what you create for your little one <3

  2. Way to rock orange! REally love all the shoes you've been making too. and the photobomber - hilarious.

  3. SO FUN! I know that I would have never considered orange (i'm way less bold and brave than you) but I totally love that you did it! That really stinks you had a disappointment with the first top but like you said it will be usable when you are belly-less! Can't wait to see your newest little chibi. <3


  4. Wow, you really rock this top! And I especially love your blue hair! The contrast is just so fun!

  5. You look absolutely beautiful. I think your style is just so fabulous and so you. Thanks so much for being a part of our series!!!

  6. Simply stunning. This is soooo cute and sexy and awesome all at the same time. I love that you choose your daughter's favorite color for the challenge. Thank you so much for being a part of the tour.

  7. I love that first picture! So sweet! Way to completely own the orange looks! And that is the most fun maternity tunic ever.

  8. You look gorgeous! LOVE the matching shoes. Congratulations on baby number three! How exciting!

  9. You know what's unfair? You still don't look pregnant from the back! How is that humanly possible?! I still look pregnant from the back and my baby is 3!

  10. A FAB ORANGE dress, so bright with unique back feature that you mentioned altering a Japanese pattern. I love the wide lace adorning the bottom on the dress. Cute MARY JANE slippers you also sewed for yourself & your girl. Your styling is fantastic! Sarah Helene, Minneapolis, MN

  11. first, how do you only carry up front like that? I swear to you, I break all rules of anatomy and science and carry my babies in my butt and thighs. You look fantastic. Secondly, you are fantastically talented. All orange, all the time and you make it look totally right. Well done.

  12. I had to do a double take when I saw your pictures up on Hayley's blog! You so don't look pregnant in the LEAST from the back! LOVE the outfits! I agree with Tasha, totally cat call that!!

  13. AMAZING! You are so gorgeous!! Your bitch face rivals mine, but you look pretty still! haha.

    ALSO i laughed SO HARD at crazy haired seph suddenly popping up XD

    i love you neon ninja!


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