Sew Fab Sale Blog Tour! A Saffron Dress Remix

I'm back everyone!
Guess what?  I'm a part of the Sew Fab Sale blog tour!
Today I'm going to talk about the vinyl Star Wars dress I made for May the 4th's Sew Geeky post!
It's for this exact reason I kept out the details of the dress so that I can tell you all how great it is and show you its versatility!

I love crossing things off my sewing bucket list.  Other things crossed off: sewing a quilt, sewing lights in to a dress and sewing liquid in to a dress.  Vinyl dress? Check!  Now some may wonder how comfy is a vinyl dress?  Well, since the bodice is fully lined and no seams are exposed, it's pretty comfy!
 Not only does the red vinyl in and of itself make a bold statement, but it makes for a very poofy skirt that requires no pettiskirt! 
of course I made a little steampunk button for the dress ;-)
 Now obviously the pattern doesn't call for vinyl as a recommended fabric but I've always been a sewing rebel.  
Some things that I changed up a little:
  • I slightly extended the button flap on the back since Azriella is 6 and a half and her chest measurements were in the size 3 chest range, I think she needed just a bit more width across her back.
  • I didn't do sashes, I did a sort of belt look front but at the same length dimensions as Karly suggests.  
  • Because of the vinyl, I had to really stretch the 1/4" elastic in the back to make it look gathered, so I ended up chopping off about 2 inches of the elastic to make it look right.
 What is my advice to those considering sewing a fully vinyl dress?  Well, some people do the scotch tape under the pressure foot trick and some use special roller pressure feet too. But me?  Besides of course using a vinyl/leather needle, I use this stuff called Sewing Aid.  You can get it at any of the big box fabric stores.  It's a light oil substance that looks like a bottle of Fray Check but it's for making hand and machine sewing go a lot smoother.  You can use it on threads, needles, and you can use it on the bottom of pressure feet, which is what I did.  Worked like a dream.
 I was so please with the hem!  But I will tell you this: gathering vinyl for a skirt is not for the faint of heart!  Luckily the pattern calls for a neat little trick to get tight gathers.  I just made my channels of basting much closer together.  Why? Because there is no margin for error or option for removing threads without those needle holes showing!
So yeah, totally rad vinyl dress for my little muse!  I can't wait for the next fancy event or Con to come through town so I have a reason for dressing her up in it.  Although, truth be told, I'd dress her up in it to go to the grocery store!  I don't like to confine fancy dresses for just special events!
Pattern was easy to follow, comes in a wide age range from 6month-8years, and I learned a new trick to attach a bodice to a skirt.  I love that!
 And bonus? It's a part of the big Sew Fab Pattern Bundle, so you can get a copy of it and so many other great patterns as well!
What do you think?  Are you inspired to sew a vinyl dress?  To sew a Saffron Dress?
Check out who else is on the Sew Fab Sale Blog tour!
 And follow what's going on on social media with the hashtag #sewfabsale.
You can purchase the Sew Fab Spring Pattern Bundle for $29.95 this week only!  The sale ends on May 13th, and once it's over, it's over.  You can support independent pattern designers by purchasing the bundle from any of the designers below.  
Sew Fab Spring 2014 collage

(Designers in order from Top left to right) Greenstyle Creations, Handmade Therapy, MODKID, Everything Your Mama Made, The Scientific Seamstress, Figgy's Patterns, Two Sweets Patterns, Things for Boys, Patchwork Posse, Betz White, LBG Studio, Mouse House Creations, Gingercake, Heidi & Finn, Sumo's Sweet Stuff, Terra's Treasures, Paisley Roots, Molly Blossom Designs, Sewing Mama RaeAnna.  Sale sponsored by The Southern Institute.

Lots more to come this month! 
Until then!

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  1. Whaaaat!!? This is awesome. The first thing that came to mind about the sewing process is 'how do you make a gathered vinyl skirt!?' I think my heart might be too faint... LOVE!


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