If you were looking for a rainbow explosion of imaginative handmades then YAY!  That's what I like too!  If it's fun or weird, sweet but rad, thoughtful but strange, edgy and cute then I am all about it!  This is not a place for tan and bland.  But I'm sure you'll find your smile in here somewhere!
  • Or do you just want to flat out play dress up?  That's my favorite thing to do! In whatever I make, I make sure that they are F U N!
I inspired by my crazy wonderful life.  Me, my husband and our three girls live up in the Pacific Northwest and are also secretly in love with fermentation too! 
When I'm not glued to my Bernina, I frequently like to go on adventures!  I am a sucker for anime and am in love with anything that promotes a happy healthy creative mind! I like to think BIG and make BIG mistakes.  My little girls live a technicolor life filled with animation, antics, and affection and I wouldn't have it  any other way! 
Welcome to my happy little corner of the universe!  I hope you like it!! ^_^



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